In Christ Jesus we have found a LIFE that is beyond all compare; a life that is free, a life that is full, and a life that is forever (Jn10:10) – truly Christ is our life. (Colossians 3:4)

It is our greatest desire here at Calvary to love you towards that same incredible LIFE that we have found in Christ. LIFE is the acronym we use to describe what we have found in Christ, and what we hope you find here at CBC as we love you towards Jesus.

Love—Our greatest hope is that you will experience the greatest love ever—the love of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that He loved us so much that He died the most horrible death to pay for our sin, and then He rose from the grave so that we might live forever in an amazing relationship with Him. We experience this love by believing the gospel of Christ.

Involvement—We also hope that you will experience a great sense of involvement with the people of God. We believe that relationships are the vital key to a life well lived. We want you to experience a deep sense of involvement and inclusion by belonging to the Body of Christ.

Fulfillment— We further hope that you experience life’s greatest fulfillment by growing to be more like Jesus Christ. It is when we follow His leadership that we find life’s greatest satisfaction. We want you to experience deep fulfillment by becoming more like the person of Christ.

Enrichment—Finally we hope to love you towards a life that is greatly enriched as you partner with God in changing the world. Serving Him in His Kingdom’s mission is the ultimate joy. We desire for you to find this joy by being an influence for Christ.